The design style of mosaic tiles can vary widely, catering to different preferences and aesthetic sensibilities. The choice of a design style often depends on the overall theme of the space, personal taste, and the intended atmosphere. Here are several design styles of mosaic tiles that often look good:

1. **Classic and Traditional:**
   - **Features:** Intricate patterns, floral motifs, and detailed designs that reflect a timeless and elegant look.
   - **Materials:** Marble, ceramic, or glass tiles with classic colors like whites, creams, and soft pastels.

2. **Modern and Geometric:**
   - **Features:** Clean lines, geometric shapes, and contemporary patterns that create a sleek and modern appearance.
   - **Materials:** Glass, metal, or ceramic tiles in bold colors or neutrals, often arranged in repeating patterns or abstract designs.

3. **Mediterranean or Moroccan:**
   - **Features:** Vibrant and intricate patterns inspired by Mediterranean or Moroccan designs. Often includes geometric shapes and bold colors.
   - **Materials:** Colorful ceramic tiles with ornate patterns and motifs.

4. **Rustic and Natural:**
   - **Features:** Irregular shapes, earthy tones, and a weathered or distressed appearance that adds warmth and a rustic charm.
   - **Materials:** Stone, terracotta, or reclaimed materials with natural textures.

5. **Minimalist and Monochromatic:**
   - **Features:** Simple, understated designs with a focus on a limited color palette and clean lines.
   - **Materials:** Glass or ceramic tiles in neutral colors, often with subtle variations.

6. **Art Deco:**
   - **Features:** Bold, geometric patterns, often in black and white, with a touch of glamour and sophistication.
   - **Materials:** Marble or ceramic tiles arranged in intricate, repeating patterns.

7. **Transitional:**
   - **Features:** A blend of traditional and modern elements, combining classic patterns with contemporary colors or materials.
   - **Materials:** Glass, ceramic, or stone tiles in a variety of colors and patterns.

8. **Bohemian or Eclectic:**
   - **Features:** Mixes patterns, colors, and materials to create a vibrant and eclectic look. Can include a variety of shapes and sizes.
   - **Materials:** Ceramic, glass, or even recycled materials in bold colors and patterns.

9. **Coastal or Nautical:**
   - **Features:** Colors inspired by the sea, such as blues and whites, with patterns reminiscent of ocean waves or maritime symbols.
   - **Materials:** Ceramic or glass tiles with coastal-themed designs.

10. **Industrial:**
    - **Features:** Simple patterns, often in grayscale, with an emphasis on raw or industrial materials.
    - **Materials:** Concrete, metal, or ceramic tiles with an unfinished or industrial appearance.

11. **3D or Textured:**
    - **Features:** Tiles with raised patterns or textures that add depth and visual interest.
    - **Materials:** Ceramic, glass, or stone tiles with three-dimensional designs.

12. **Custom or Artistic:**
    - **Features:** Unique, one-of-a-kind designs that may be customized or created as art pieces.
    - **Materials:** Any materials can be used, depending on the artistic vision.

When choosing a design style for mosaic tiles, it's important to consider the overall design theme of the space, the intended mood, and the preferences of the occupants. Additionally, the size and layout of the area where the mosaic tiles will be installed should be taken into account to ensure that the chosen style complements the space appropriately.