1. Check the texture of the mosaic material first. The high-quality mosaic tiles not only facilitate the paving, but also extend the use time of the mosaic.

2. The wall or the ground should be flat. To keep the wall or the ground smooth and flat, there should be no high and low non-stop conditions, which is conducive to the laying of mosaic tiles.

3. Measure the specifications of the mosaic tiles, and then plan the location of the mosaic tiles in advance according to the size of the mosaic tiles.
4. Prepare the mosaic tile glue prepared in advance, apply the mosaic tile glue in the planned area, apply the glue evenly, and then fix the mosaic tile to make the mosaic tile and the wall surface fit more tightly.
5. Perform a joint at the tile interface. In order to ensure the perfect mosaic tile, it is necessary to joint the interface of the tile. Prepare the caulk and use a shovel to evenly fill the gap into the gap at the interface of the mosaic tile to ensure that the gap between each mosaic tile is filled and evenly filled.

6. The final step is the cleaning step, taking care to keep it clean and not leaving any residual material on the mosaic tiles.

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