The mosaic sample packaging box refers to the container and exterior decoration of the product, thereby forming the appearance of the product. It is precisely because the appearance of the product generally requires application, convenience and beauty. The basic functions of forming the packaging are mainly manifested in:

1, Protecting goods: Protecting goods is one of the important functions of product packaging boxes. During the circulation of the product, it may be affected by various external factors, causing damage, pollution, leakage or deterioration of the product. Scientific and rational packaging can make goods resistant to the destruction of various external factors.

2, Easy to flow: packaging provides conditions and convenience for product circulation. The products are packaged in a certain quantity, shape, size, size and different containers, and various marks are usually printed on the outside of the package to reflect the product name, quantity, specification, color and volume of the package. Gross weight, net weight, factory name, site and precautions in storage and transportation, etc., are not only conducive to the allocation of goods, counting counts, but also conducive to storage and transportation effects, improve product economic efficiency.

3, Promote sales: exquisite product packaging, can play a role in beautifying goods, promoting goods and promoting sales. Packaging can not only improve the market competitiveness of goods, but also attract customers and guide consumption with its novel and unique artistic charm, and become the main source of consumer purchase.

4, Convenient consumption: packaging varies with the product, a variety of forms, easy for consumers to carry, save and use. Drawings, trademarks and text descriptions on the packaging are convenient for consumers to identify, and introduce the composition, nature, use, use and storage methods of the products, and play a role in facilitating and guiding consumption.

5, Cost savings: reasonable packaging can make scattered goods in a certain number of forms integrated, thereby greatly increasing the loading capacity and convenient loading and unloading transportation, can save transportation costs, storage costs and other expenses. Some packaging can also be recycled many times, saving the production of packaging materials and packaging containers, which is conducive to reducing costs and improving economic efficiency.


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