Mosaic is different from other stone display racks and ceramic display racks. Because the mosaic size is small, the display is usually composed of many mosaic tiles. Therefore, when selecting the display rack, the ordinary style display rack can not fix the mosaic, so it needs to be fixed by the mosaic template. The shape of the mosaic, and the mosaic template is divided into many types, today we will introduce the mosaic template.

1.MDF mosaic board: It is easier to decorate, not easy to crack, and it is very effective for decorative surface and shape. The surface is smooth and smooth, easy to be finished and glued, especially suitable for mosaic tiles.

2. Mosaic plastic board: As the name suggests, the Marcel plastic model is made of plastic. Compared with other samples, the density is relatively light, relatively light, and the plastic mosaic board is waterproof, moisture-free, bright and beautiful.

3. Non-woven mosaic board: not unkempt, feel good, flexible, reversible, strong decoration.

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