The strength of the mosaic carrying board depends on the materials used and the design. Mosaic carrying boards are typically used for the display and demonstration of small decorative materials such as tiles or stones. Here are some factors that influence the strength of mosaic carrying boards:

1. **Material Selection:** The strength of the mosaic carrying board primarily depends on the materials used. Typically, these boards may be made of lightweight and sturdy materials such as plastic, metal alloys, or reinforced materials.

2. **Design Structure:** The design structure of the carrying board also affects its strength. A well-designed structure can enhance the overall strength, preventing deformation or damage when carrying tiles or stones.

3. **Connectors and Joints:** The strength of the carrying board is also influenced by the connectors and joints. Secure connections and well-designed joint structures contribute to overall stability.

4. **Load Capacity:** Considering the load capacity of the carrying board is crucial. This involves determining the weight the carrying board can bear when transporting tiles or stones. Proper design ensures that the carrying board does not fail under load.

5. **Production Processes:** The manufacturing processes also significantly impact the strength of the carrying board. High-quality manufacturing processes can ensure consistent product quality and reduce manufacturing defects.

6. **Testing and Certification:** If possible, choose carrying boards that have undergone relevant testing and certification. International standards and certification bodies can provide assessments of product quality and performance, contributing to product reliability.

Please note that to ensure safety and reliability when using a mosaic carrying board, it is advisable to thoroughly understand the technical specifications of the product, the reputation of the manufacturer, and user reviews before making a purchase. Additionally, proper use and maintenance also play a role in the lifespan and strength of the product.