Metal mosaic tiles can be suitable for use with push-pull display racks, but several factors should be considered to ensure compatibility and prevent potential issues:

1. **Tile Weight:**
   - Metal mosaic tiles vary in weight depending on their size, thickness, and material composition. Ensure that the push-pull display racks are designed to support the weight of the tiles without sagging or causing instability.

2. **Surface Protection:**
   - Metal mosaic tiles may have sharp edges or rough surfaces that could scratch or damage adjacent tiles when slid in or out of the display rack. Consider using protective measures such as felt pads or cushioning to prevent surface abrasion.

3. **Smooth Sliding Mechanism:**
   - The push-pull display racks should have a smooth sliding mechanism to ensure easy movement of the tiles without causing friction or resistance. Rough or uneven sliding can damage the tiles and affect the overall user experience.

4. **Tile Size and Shape:**
   - Consider the size and shape of the metal mosaic tiles in relation to the design of the push-pull display racks. The racks should be configured to accommodate the dimensions of the tiles without overcrowding or overlapping, which could hinder accessibility and visibility.

5. **Stability and Security:**
   - Metal mosaic tiles are typically rigid and may require secure positioning within the display racks to prevent shifting or falling during handling. Ensure that the racks provide adequate stability and security to keep the tiles in place, especially in high-traffic environments.

6. **Surface Finish Protection:**
   - Metal mosaic tiles often have a surface finish that can be susceptible to scratches, dents, or tarnishing. Choose display racks with materials and finishes that are compatible with the tiles and provide protection against damage.

7. **Installation Considerations:**
   - Proper installation of the push-pull display racks is essential to ensure stability and functionality. Follow manufacturer guidelines and consider hiring professionals experienced in rack installation to ensure a secure and reliable setup.

8. **Customization Options:**
   - Explore customization options for push-pull display racks to tailor them specifically to the dimensions and characteristics of metal mosaic tiles. Customized racks can optimize space utilization and enhance the visual presentation of the tiles.

9. **User Experience:**
   - Consider the overall user experience when selecting push-pull display racks for metal mosaic tiles. The racks should facilitate easy browsing, selection, and retrieval of tiles while providing a visually appealing and organized display.

10. **Durability and Maintenance:**
    - Choose push-pull display racks constructed from durable materials that can withstand regular use and require minimal maintenance. Easy-to-clean surfaces and corrosion-resistant finishes can prolong the lifespan of the racks and ensure long-term functionality.

By carefully assessing these factors and selecting appropriate push-pull display racks designed to accommodate metal mosaic tiles, you can create an effective and visually engaging display solution that showcases your tiles while enhancing the overall customer experience.