Placing rotating mosaic display racks in your retail space requires careful consideration to maximize their effectiveness in showcasing your mosaic products and attracting customers. Here are some requirements and guidelines to keep in mind when positioning rotating mosaic display racks:

1. **Visibility:** Ensure that the rotating display rack is highly visible to customers as they enter your store. It should be positioned near the store's entrance or in a high-traffic area where it can catch the attention of passersby.

2. **Adequate Space:** Provide enough space around the rotating rack to allow customers to comfortably view and interact with the mosaic samples. Avoid cluttered or cramped display areas that may discourage customers from browsing.

3. **Proximity to Relevant Products:** Place the rotating rack near other related products or displays, such as tile adhesive, grout, or other mosaic accessories. This encourages customers to explore complementary items for their projects.

4. **Good Lighting:** Ensure that the display area is well-lit to showcase the mosaic samples effectively. Proper lighting enhances the colors and textures of the mosaic tiles, making them more appealing.

5. **Accessibility:** Make sure the rotating rack is easily accessible to customers, including those with mobility challenges. Ensure that there are no obstacles or barriers that may hinder access.

6. **Eye Level:** Position some of the most eye-catching or popular mosaic samples at eye level on the rotating rack. This draws customers' attention and encourages interaction with the display.

7. **Product Information:** Display relevant product information, such as prices, product codes, and material details, prominently near the rotating rack. Clear and informative signage can help customers make informed choices.

8. **Sample Boards:** Consider incorporating sample boards or larger display areas next to the rotating rack where customers can see the mosaic tiles in a larger context. These sample boards can provide design inspiration.

9. **Rotation Space:** Ensure that there is enough clearance around the rotating rack for it to rotate smoothly without any obstructions. Customers should be able to spin the rack easily to view different samples.

10. **Security:** Implement security measures, such as surveillance cameras or anti-theft devices, if necessary, to protect the mosaic samples from theft or damage.

11. **Regular Maintenance:** Keep the rotating rack clean and well-maintained. Ensure that it operates smoothly and does not squeak or wobble, as this can deter customers.

12. **Customer Flow:** Consider how the placement of the rotating rack affects the flow of customer traffic within your store. It should encourage a natural path for customers to explore your mosaic products.

13. **Seasonal and Promotional Displays:** Be flexible with the placement of the rotating rack. You may want to reposition it during promotional events or seasonal sales to highlight specific mosaic products or themes.

14. **Feedback and Observation:** Continuously monitor customer behavior and gather feedback to assess the effectiveness of the rotating mosaic display rack's placement. Adjust the positioning as needed to optimize customer engagement.

By following these requirements and guidelines, you can create an inviting and effective display for your mosaic products that not only showcases their beauty but also encourages customers to explore and make purchases. Effective placement can enhance the overall shopping experience and boost sales in your store.